One of the amazing delicacies that a person can prepare well and enjoy its wafting aroma and sumptuous taste is the Ärtsoppa. This awesome classic pea soup (that is common in Sweden) will require a combination of different variety of ingredients which may include: onions, flour, eggs, cream, jam, and the peas.

For this Ärtsoppa to come out sweet, one should ensure that the mixture of ingredients put are in the right amounts, with the desired flavors and left to steam well until it is ready to be served . Actually, since one may prepare it in large amount, the excess can be comfortably stored in the fridge and warmed when one want to consume.

How then can one prepare this sweet tasting Ärtsoppa? The procedure is a bit lengthy but the results will indeed outweigh the effort that has been imposed. First, one needs to list the ingredients that are to be incorporated while preparing Ärtsoppa which include:

1. Yellow peas; which should be dry and then soaked into water.

2. One large onion (that is already peeled)

3. A teaspoonful of salt

4. A 200g of smoked bacon

5. Cloves of about two in particular.

6. Some sizeable amount of bay leaves.

7. Beef pork or sausage pork of about 200g

8. A bogfläsk that is salted, of about 400g

9. About 2 teaspoonful dried thyme

The steps for preparing Ärtsoppa will include the following:

1. First, put the peas in either a bowl or a container with water that cover them and ensure they are well soaked.

2. Once the peas are well drained, one can place them in a saucepan, add some salt and then boil them until they are well skimmed.

3. Carrots and cloves can then be added together with the marjoram, thyme and the bay leaves. In addition, the bogfläsk or bacon can then be put and allow it to simmer for a period of about one hour before putting the sausages and leave it for more 30 minutes.

4. You can then introduce carrots and meat pieces which have been well chopped and allow the Ärtsoppa to boil the soup become thick. If a person prefers a dilute soup, one can add some water and some salt and let it to simmer.

5. It can now be ready to be served where one can serve the meat and the soup differently.

One will actually find the Ärtsoppa sweet and delicious to consume indeed after following such steps!


Isterband(lard strips)

Mosy of the food made in Sweden are a result of the geographical location of the country. The extremely long cold months made it important to store food which led to the practice of food preservation.Isterband also known as lard strips(swedish term)are coarsely ground sausages that are lightly smoked.Isterbands are mainly made up of pork, Barley groats and potatoes. Isterbands or lard strips basically originated from Sweden.As the name lard strips suggests they are mainly made up of pork meat and pork fat (lard),barley, Professionaly in restaurants isterbands are usually served with fried onion rings,chopped pickled cucumbers and creamed dill potatoes or with pickled beetroot and creamed dill potatoes.

Types of isterbands:1.Smålandska originated from Småland2.Syrliga which has a slightly sour taste3.Lättisterband for the low calorie lovers and diet conscious people Preparation of Isterbands:A mixture of pork meat and fat is prepared. To use less of meat and have greater amount of product we also add barley to it. To this mixture we then add salt, pepper and other spices.This mixture is then put into sausage casings.These casings are then hung over a stove or in the fireplace and left to dry.During this time the sausages get fermented by naturally occuring lactic acids.After fermentation the sausages are kept for cold smoking.This method of preparation of isterband gives the sausage a distinctly sour, slight peppery and mild smoky taste.The end product's texture is slightly coarse and dry due to the ingredients used in it's preparation.However the barley adds chewiness to the sausage which is very similar to meat.Isterbands are thus a perfect example of traditional swedish preserved food.This origination from south sweden perfectly reflect the early culture of the people of south Sweden. This dish is mostly served at the time of Christmas and the New year eve in Sweden.

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